Track list:

1. Anoosh Karoon - Beloved Spring (T. Ghazarian)

2. Poem (A. Katchaturian)

3. Enzeli - Armenian Folk Dance (A. Spendiaryan)

4. Oror - Lullaby (P. Ganachian)

5. Pari Arakeel - The Tender Stark (A. Haqimyan)

6. Kamancheh - The Fiddle (Sayat Nova)

7. Oror - Lullaby (Alan Hovhaness)

8. Groong - Wandering Crane (Gomidas/Aslamzyan)

     [Dedicated to Edward Zarasian]

9. Dzirani Dzar - The Apricot Tree (Gomidas/ Kaprelian)

10. Oror - Lullaby (A. Katcaturian)

11. "Asume e Oorin" - The Willow's Song from Anoosh Opera (A. Tigranian)

Armenan Treasures (2013)

Experience a taste of Armenian classical music, with Armenian-American violinist Levon Zarasian and pianist Peter Gharibian

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