Track list:

1. Anoosh Karoon - Beloved Spring (T. Ghazarian)

2. Poem (A. Katchaturian)

3. Enzeli - Armenian Folk Dance (A. Spendiaryan)

4. Oror - Lullaby (P. Ganachian)

5. Pari Arakeel - The Tender Stark (A. Haqimyan)

6. Kamancheh - The Fiddle (Sayat Nova)

7. Oror - Lullaby (Alan Hovhaness)

8. Groong - Wandering Crane (Gomidas/Aslamzyan)

     [Dedicated to Edward Zarasian]

9. Dzirani Dzar - The Apricot Tree (Gomidas/ Kaprelian)

10. Oror - Lullaby (A. Katcaturian)

11. "Asume e Oorin" - The Willow's Song from Anoosh Opera

       (A. Tigranian)

Recording my album in 2014

In 2013, I created my first ever album, collaborating with accomplished Armenian-American pianist Peter Gharibian. Our album, titled "Armenian Treasures," features tender Armenian classical compositions from Sayat Nova, to Father Gomidas and beyond. 

At this time, we are working to release the CD digitally via iTunes. For information or to  purchase this album, click here.

Armenian Treasures (2013)

I have taught violin for over 30 years, and work with students of all levels and ages. Lessons are taught out of my home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I am additionally available for professional bookings. I typically perform as a soloist, with fellow pianist Peter Gharibian, or in a chamber of music, i.e. duos, trios, and quartets.

Please Contact Me for more information.

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Sayat Nova Armenian poet & musician

Father Gomidas, Armenian composer

From Bach to Hovaness, mozart to sarrasate, Classical music is part of my everyday life.

As an Armenian immigrant to the United States, I take great interest in playing Armenian classical music and exploring Armenian compositions in my spare time. Among the great composers in Armenian history, I take particular interest in the works of Sayat Nova and Father Gomidas.

Sayat Nova was an 18th century Armenian troubadour whose compositions have found their way into the hearts of many different nations in modern day Anatolia and the Caucasus. His euphonic melodies carry the essence of the Armenian culture.

Gomidas, an Armenian priest and composer, reinvented Armenian music in the late 19th century, traveling through Armenian villages and combining variations of similar music into new arrangements. His works gave rise to a Golden Age in Armenian music, during a time when Armenians were oppressed and facing large-scale massacres. During the Armenian Genocide in 1915, Gomidas lost his sanity after witnessing the brutality that his people endured at the hands of the Ottoman Turks.

Background and Latest Works

St Barnabas of the Desert Episcopal Church

Episcopal Church of the Nativity

Trinity Cathedral of Phoenix

St Apkar Armenian Apostolic Church

Mountain View Presbyterian Church

With pianist Peter Gharibian

Venues Performed